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Reader's Guide to GIGH / UADM (which is to say, appalling self-promotion), Part I - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Reader's Guide to GIGH / UADM (which is to say, appalling self-promotion), Part I

The Reader’s Guide to Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn and Under a Dragon Moon (‘the Dragongate universe)


It’s been suggested that part of the – well, I won’t call it a problem: part of the issue – with GIGH and UaDM is that prospective readers find it ‘daunting’ at first glance.


Personally, I refuse to credit that I am at all cleverer than any prospective reader.  Still, if it assists in any fashion….


This is but a small sample of all that is going on in these series.


Dramatis Personæ:  Some canon characters and their post-War lives


(The two series of the Dragongate universe (a portmanteau word referring to Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn and Under a Dragon Moon considered together) rest upon one conceit: that Harry and Draco are sharing precognitive dreams.  Like the visions shewn by the Mirror of Erised, there is imperfect accuracy in these dreams, and they are visions only of a prospective future; indeed, when both protagonists refused to make the effort to effect the best possible future at the end of Fifth Year, they set the events of Sixth Year in motion.  Within these visions, the Light has triumphed at a fairly low cost, although any losses are regrettable, and Harry and Draco are lovers: indeed, that is part of the reason why the Light has triumphed.)


Harry: married Draco.  Succeeded to headship of the Black and Potter families, true, but that is not some over-the-top thing in this fic: they may be Wizards, but they’re British, damn it all.  Was awarded the Order of Merlin (1st Class); when Muggles stumble across correspondence addressed to him as Harry Potter, OM, they assume he has a military-list Order of Merit and was an intelligence officer of some sort.  (This applies also to Draco, amongst others.  It rather embarrasses Harry; Draco, naturally, quite enjoys the attention, although he pretends otherwise).  Laxly C of E; sings bass (-baritone) in the church choir at St Mary’s, Sutton Littlecombe; sometimes fills in as a ringer for peals.  Secretary of the Sutton Littlecombe Cricket Club; plays on its second XI.  It’s not Quidditch, but it will do in a pinch.


All the Victors take turn about at Hogwarts, Domdaniel, the Ministry, and the Moot, but they have actual lives to lead, lives they put rather reluctantly aside in the name of public duty.


Draco: married Harry, obviously.  Took a First in Muggle Studies at Domdaniel.  Researched Wizarding genetics with Hermione and Remus, put paid to the whole concept of ‘pure-blooded-ness’.  With Harry, farms in a gentlemanly way and is a company director (Bowman Wright’s Sons plc, the Potter perry and cider interests, Ogden’s, and the Potter potteries).  Culdee; communes as C of E; sings tenor in the church choir at St Mary’s, Sutton Littlecombe; sometimes fills in as a ringer for peals; took over the church organ appeal.  Treasurer of the Sutton Littlecombe Cricket Club; plays on its second XI.


Ron: married Hermione, of course.  Editor of Wizden’s.  Parish bull, in respect of procreating.  Indulgent father and reluctant Member of the Wizengamot.  Has a tendency to disappear down the local or off on a trip down a canal or a river with the lads whenever Hermione isn’t watching.  On the other hand, is the only recorded recipient of a Bar (that is, a second award) to the Godric Gryffindor Cross, so it’s not a lack of courage at issue.  With Remus, the Favourite Uncle to the post-War crop of sprogs.


Hermione (MMA, DMag, &c): married Ron, naturally.  The complete female don.  Frazzled mother.  Genius.  Draco claims that she has an extra set of post-nominal letters after her name, ‘EBW’: ‘Extraordinarily Bossy Witch’.  Pegs level with her mother-in-law in that respect.  Has learnt to relax and laugh; would be mad or divorced had she not done.  Still wants to remake the world.


Blaise: married Justin.  Bursar, Hogwarts.  Exceedingly hands-off director of the merchant bankers, Goldstein & Zabini, Purse Lane (behind Gringotts); Wizengamot liaison with Gringotts and Deputy Governor thereof; playboy of the Western Wizarding world, although wholly faithful to Justin.  Residences: Blaise House, Mercia Square, London, WIZ1; ffinch Lodge, Hogsmeade, Highland; ffinch Hall, Fletchley Abbas, near Burwell, Cambs.


Justin: married, obviously, Blaise.  Clubman and MW.  Awfully Decent Chap.  Has the patience of a saint, obviously, although as a serious, East Anglian low-churchman, has little patience with saints as such.  Residences: Blaise House, Mercia Square, London, WIZ1; ffinch Lodge, Hogsmeade, Highland; ffinch Hall, Fletchley Abbas, near Burwell, Cambs.


Tony Goldstein: married Eleanor Branstone.  Active director, Goldstein & Zabini; regularly serves in Wizarding offices of state.


Nev: married Luna after all.  Herbologist, star panellist of ‘Herbologists’s Question Time’ on WWN, notable prop and pillar of the Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers), creator of many new cultivars.  Residence: Hurstholme Thorpe, at Long Bottom, Lancs.


Luna: well, as you might guess, married Nev.  Owner of The Prophet and The Quibbler.


Ginny: married Colin.  Eventually rises to Chief Unspeakable.  Regularly puts a D-notice on Colin’s scoops.


Colin: married, as you’d expect, Ginny.  Editor of The Prophet and The Quibbler.

Teaches photo-reconnaissance techniques at Shrivenham.


Mr and Mrs Granger: Guardian-ista urban LibDemLab types who were chivvied into being commissioned into the Territorial Army (equivalent to the US reserves / National Guard) Royal Army Dental Corps for better protection from Voldemort during the last stages of the War.  Nice but dim.


Aunt Andy and Ted the Tinker Tonks: Gentlefolk, with notoriously high standards.


Dennis Creevey: married Gabrielle Delacour (Veela are attracted to the utterly fearless).  Another deceptively fluffy warrior.


Gabrielle Creevey: married Den.  A senior functionary in the French Ministry before her marriage, and occasionally drawn into Anglo-Frog diplomacy after.


Mundungus Fletcher: After the War, revealed as a senior Unspeakable under cover as a petty thief.  Serves a turn as Chief Unspeakable prior to Ginny’s taking the post.


Seamus: married Dean.  Ostensibly a director of Ogden’s.  In fact, an Unspeakable.  Residences: Laghvaghan House, Killderg, Co Donegal / Co Tyrone border; Pluckley Chart Farm, near Maltman’s Chart, Tuestead, and No Quarter, Kent.


Dean: married Seamus.  A famous artist, and a maths wrangler.  Advises the Treasury.  Residences: Pluckley Chart Farm, near Maltman’s Chart, Tuestead, and No Quarter, Kent; Laghvaghan House, Killderg, Co Donegal / Co Tyrone border.


Tonks: has been engaged to Remus for yonks.  A very senior Auror.  She and Remus live at Grimmauld Place on a peppercorn rent – actually, the lease calls for an annual bottle of single-malt fire-whisky.


Remus: permanently engaged to Tonks.  A don, and a noted local historian; a company director of the Potter interests; insists on acting as a librarian and steward or factor to Harry, who reluctantly lets him do, despite his feeling that Remus is undervaluing himself by doing so.  So long as it amuses Remus, however, Harry puts up with it. 


Lee Jordan: finally managed to get Angelina Johnson to marry him.  Director-General of the WWN.


Susan Bones: married Millicent Bulstrode.  Healer at Mungo’s.


Terry Boot: Owns and runs the bookmakers, Boot’s Sporting Index.  Company director of a chain of potions-apothecaries.  (Well, that was rather obvious, wasn’t it.)


Theo Nott: married Pansy.  Circuit judge.  Claims it was only because he likes the robes.


Oliver Wood: His Quidditch days behind him, now has his eponymous comedy programme on WWN, ‘Through the Wood’ (‘Hullo, I’m Lucius, and this is my friend Ginger!’).


Aberforth Dumbledore, OM, MW: Post-War, the Right Honourable the Lord Provost of the Royal Burgh of Hogsmeade, ex officio Lord-Lieutenant, Ulnager-Royal of Hogsmeade, past Prime Warden of the Worshipful Company of Victuallers, thrice Master of the Worshipful Company of Vintagers, Maltsters, and Stillers, Master of the Worshipful Company of Hostellers, Upper Warden of the Worshipful Company of Apiarists, Renter Warden of the Worshipful Company of Grammar-Clerks, Middle Warden of the Worshipful Company of Aurors, Bailiffs, and Manciples, Clerk-Warden to and Liveryman of the Most Worshipful Company of Scribes, past Master of the Worshipful Company of Pottlers, Freeman of the Worshipful and Worthy Company of Pepperers, past Master of the Worshipful Company of Malenders and Husbandmen, Master-Elect of the Worshipful Company of Merchaunts Venturers.  Former spy-master for the Order.


Wizarding or Magical OCs:


Mr Tully Sharpe-Quillet, QC: Wizarding barrister.  Represents the Black Family Trust in probate litigation.


Colonel Sir Stentor Bellowes, VC, KCB, CI, late Coldstream Guards: Wizarding frontispiece (and as ‘alive’ as any Wizarding portrait).  Victorian soldier – and ‘churchwarden for seventy years, m’lad’ (he’s an Old Gryffindor; his brother, a Hufflepuff, was a canon of Chichester); author of Magical and Muggle Warfare: a Comparative Strategic, Operational, and Tactical History (Revised), now in its 41st edition.  Consults on defence.


Rhys Jones-Morgan: Muggle-born Ravenclaw, some eight years in age at the time of Voldemort’s final defeat and demise.  Fostered in the Wizarding world by Harry and Draco.  Becomes Bishop of Sherborne.  Is succeeded in that diocese, in time, by his son, who goes on to become Bishop of Salisbury (and thus ex officio primate of the Wizarding branch of the C of E).


James Arthur John Alphard Jones-Morgan, DD (‘James Sarum’): son of the preceding; his mother was


Molly Creevey: daughter of Colin and Ginny.


Rt Hon Hermione Malfoy-Potter (Mrs Arthur Longbottom-Weasley-Boot):  Minister of Magic, Muggle and Wizarding Privy Councillor, MP for Salisbury (Conservative).


Austen Longbottom: son of Nev and Luna.


Benedict (Baruch) Goldstein: son of Anthony and Eleanor (Branstone) Goldstein.


Sir Harry Weasley (the Younger): England Quidditch captain; Fellow of Paracelsus; grandson of Ron and Hermione (and Harry and Draco).


Andris Silins, of Tallinn: A bumptious foreigner with odd religious views.


Scrumpy: A very senior Potter House-Elf, steward at Pottersfield House (Somerset).


Sirius James Nigellus and Lily Andromeda Narcissa Potter-Malfoy (twins): Alembic babies.


Albus Remus Draco Justin, Neville Henry Ronald Blaise, Narcissa Ginevra Hermione Minerva, and Mary Rose Petunia Andromeda Malfoy-Potter (the Quads): Alembic babies.


Slippy: A Potter House-Elf, clerk of the works at a Potter pottery.


Blanxy: A Potter House-Elf, clerk of the works at a Potter pottery.


Hudgey: Malfoy House-Elf after the War.


Naumpey: Malfoy House-Elf after the War.


Zammy: Malfoy House-Elf after the War: the butler at Malfoy Manor.


Tetty: The senior house-elf at Atrum, and its housekeeper.  Daughter of Totty, who was pensioned off, ostensibly as a reward for long service, in fact because it embarrassed Harry to call for her.


Ambrosio Magris-Pfalzgraf: Another ruddy foreigner.


Pietro Virgilio Unterperger: Auror (or local equivalent) at Cavalese, in the Alto Adige.


Mme Cunegonde du Toit: The French Ministry’s own Dolores Umbridge.  Draco refers to her as ‘Cunt-a-gone du Twat’.


Foxmange & Burns: Wizarding solictors.


‘Tessa’ Zabini: Blaise’s mum.  Nundu dressed as Kneazle.  With the widowed Narcissa, busy pursuing every fit younger Wizard she can find.  Still, a decent sort, if a man-eater.


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aillil From: aillil Date: October 22nd, 2006 07:26 am (UTC) (Link)
Lj-cut text: Who's who is correct. Take it from the native speaker of a case language. Who is whom would be short for 'who is for whom', which would be very fitting for this entry, though. :D

Seamus married Dean, Dean married Justin, Justin married Blase -- delightful as this sounds, I don't think you mean it to be that way. :)
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 22nd, 2006 10:01 am (UTC) (Link)

Yes, well.

The first is humour (chiz moan drone. 'It would appere boy that ... that chas. kingsly's matchless prose is perhaps a trifle demodé....')

The second was a typographical error, and I thank you for spotting it, I've set it right.
wren_chan From: wren_chan Date: October 22nd, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glee! *leaps upon this with a glad cry* I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately; I've found a new devotion to Academia which impels me to take more hours in uni than I'm accustomed to and actually study for them.

What does it mean when it says Draco 'communes' as C of E? I understand the C of E part, and being laxly part of a church (I'm laxly UU m'self), but, 'communes'?

And whilst we're on the subject of churching about, what does it mean when it calls Justin an 'East Anglian low-churchman'?

wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 24th, 2006 01:17 pm (UTC) (Link)


Communes or communicates (there's a small jest hidden) ... the point is that, as there aren't any Wizarding Celtic churches in the Muggle world, and as the Wizarding branch of the C of E is 'in communion with' (that is, mutually recognises the validity of) the WCC, Draco goes to the local parish church in the Muggle world.

The 'Low Church' tradition in Anglicanism is the strain of Anglican thought and practise that stresses the Prot, Reformation-based aspects of the C of E and its daughter churches. It is evangelical; it is also liturgically very Prot, preferring Evensong and Morning Prayer to Communion, looking askance on vestments, and generally finding most things it doesn't like to be 'popish'. The Puritans grew out of this tradition, as to an extent did the Methodists, and it is vy concentrated in and historically associated w East Anglia. Oddly, nowadays, the Low Church side tends to be more orthodox than the High Church (also known to some as 'Anglo-Catholic'), as it sometimes appears that the High Church movement has decided that ritual and incense are more important than serious theology.
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