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Reader's Guide to GIGH / UADM (which is to say, appalling self-promotion), Part II - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Reader's Guide to GIGH / UADM (which is to say, appalling self-promotion), Part II


Muggle OCs:


Evan ap Ivor ap Huw ap Owain ap Morcant ap Llewellyn ap Dilwyn ap Cadfael ap Aneurin ap Evan ap Evan ap Alun ap Huw ap Andras ap Gruffydd ap Evan ap Bran ap Evan ap Evan ap Cadwalader ap Huw ap Goronwy ap Trefor ap Evan ap Cadwgawn ap Iddon ap Evan ap Caradog ap Evan ap Drystan ap Rhys ap Evan ap Dafyd ap Einion ap Evan ap Geraint ap Elused ap Heddwyn ap Cadfan ap Hefin ap Dylan ap Hywel ap Iefan ap Evan ap Illtyd ap Ilar ap Madog ap Iorwerth ap Evan ap Meirion ap Cadfael ap Meurig ap Rhodri ap Morcant ap Emyr ap Pedr ap Maldwyn ap Rhisiart ap Merfyn ap Sawyl ap Rhys ap Evan ap Trahaearn ap Sieffre ap Neirin ap Twdwr ap Ofydd ap Wynfor ap Evan ap Gwalchmai ap Macsen ap Iddon ap Bedwyr ap Urien ap Taliesin ap Myrddin: Lily’s great-grandfather, Evan Evans.  Not a Wizard, but descended of a family with its own, bardic, Welsh magics.


The Creeveys: Roy and his wife Jean, Colin’s and Den’s parents, now prosperous dairy farmers and Governors of the Royal Agricultural Society; Roy gives talks on the WWN. Jean Creevey’s twin, Maureen, and their youngest sister, Vanda, their parents, Wilf and Dora Itchenor (Dora had been born a Handley), Roy’s brother Alfred, his sister Doreen (Mrs Walter Blundon, and mother of the irrepressible Dave), and the Creevey grandparents, Albert and Muriel (née Mawby), all now participate in the business, thanks to Den’s and Colin’s achievements and their post-War wealth.

None has yet been able to explain to Arthur Weasley ‘precisely how milk floats’.


Owain and Margot Jones-Morgan: Rhys’s Muggle parents.  Well-meaning, but rather annoying.


Local familes, Somerset, Wilts, and Devon:

Somerset: PC Austin; Lumbers, Merchants, Beards, Byrts; old Mrs Hebditch; Snooks; Linterns; Cudes; Tizzards; Dinhams; Fussells; Dr Brodrill; Zelleys, Ganes, Dorvills, and Gullifords, Hodders and Dimbertons, Trippicks, Withys, and Scurrs; Voake the vicar and Weetch the farmer; Wescombes and Standerwicks.

The River Otter Valley, Devon: Aplins and Voyseys, Turpins and Notts; Selleys and Maunders and Gibbingses; Crimps and Reddaways, Chudleighs and Cloads, Burrowses and Oldreives and Farrants; Drakes and Churchills.

Wilts: Archards; Garlicks (rural sub-post-masters and shopkeepers); Goodfellow the butcher and Goodenough the greengrocer, the school-mastering Imbers and Matterfice the water-bailiff. Reddish and Purse, Crocker and Roles, Helm the constable and Tudgay the poacher; Fouracres the farmers; the solicitors at Warminster, Hodney, Hodnett & Hoddinott, its partners Poldens and Witchells and Joliffes; Bishop Mildenhall, Mr Snelgrove MP, Macey the mayor; in the county regiment, Crockers and Dowdells and Blandfords, from the colonelcy of old Sir Jacob Radcliffe to the colonelcy of young Andrew Felton; also,

in Sutton Littlecombe and district, specifically,

(Maud) Lady Penruddocke-Wyndham-Ludlow-Bruges: The parish grande dame.  A foursquare, tweedy widow faced in brick, relict of Lt-Col Sir Gerald Noel Geoffrey Penruddocke-Wyndham-Ludlow-Bruges, KCB, DSO, MC, and bar, late the Light Infantry.

Brigadier Peregrine Heskith-Wentworth: Her nephew.  A widower, a learned soldier (MA and DPhil, Oxon); attached, the Defence Academy, Shrivenham.

Ladies of the parish, Sutton Littlecombe: Mrs Cundit; Mrs Pothecary; Old Miss Hiscox; Mrs Clelford.

Neighbours, Sutton Littlecombe: Mrs Quintyne, a jolly widow; Farmer Yerbury; the families of Mabbett, Uzell, and Kellows.

Sutton Littlecombe sub-post-mistress: The indiscreet Mrs Bramble.

Sutton Littlecombe jobbing gardener: Old Pococke, as given to gossip as is Mrs Bramble.

Sutton Littlecombe policemen: DCI Badder and DI Maidment.

Geoffrey Sloper, MA (Oxon): Head Teacher, Sutton Littlecombe’s C of E voluntary-aided school, tower captain for the ring at St Mary’s and churchwarden thereof; Jack Sloper’s uncle.

The Revd Dr William (‘Call me Bill’) Priday, MA (Cantab, to his everlasting discredit), DD: Vicar, St Mary’s, Sutton Littlecombe.

Martin Vizard, MA (Oxon): Organist and choirmaster, St Mary’s, Sutton Littlecombe.



Real People, Places, and Things:


HMQ: the Sovereign.  In Wizarding terms, ‘Elizabeth, the Second of England and of the Principality and First of Scotland, Ireland, and the Isles, and of Her other realms and territories Queen, Empress of Wizarding India, High Queen of Wizarding Ireland, Queen of Scots, Duke of Normandy, Duke of Lancaster, Lord of Mann, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith’.  A Squib, but a very dear person, and much-beloved.


HRH the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: Consort.  A Squib, but much-liked and treasured for his rather Slytherin and undiplomatic wit.  Whilst Albus was Headmaster, the Balmoral ‘guid Scots kail’ always placed second to Hogwarts’s at

       The Aviemore Show: a major agricultural show (in American, ‘county fair’) in the Highlands.


Members of the Royal Family: Squibs.


HM Household in Scotland and others: the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; the Lord Provost of Edinburgh; the Captain-General of the Royal Company of Archers, HM Bodyguard for Scotland; the Lord High Constable of Scotland, the Earl of Erroll; the Hereditary Master of the Household in Scotland, the Duke of Argyll; the Lord Lyon King of Arms; the Banner-Bearer for Scotland, the Earl of Dundee; the Bearer of the National Flag of Scotland, the Earl of Lauderdale; the Keeper of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon; the Governor of Edinburgh Castle; and others.


Llanfrynach, Powys (Wales): Ancestral home of the Jones-Morgans, in the Vale of Usk.


Cavalese: Site, in the Italian Tyrol, of a famous series of witch trials, nowadays re-enacted yearly for Muggle tourists.


West Somerset Railway: A heritage railway operating classic steam trains and the occasional diesel.  Harry is a thorough-going WSR fan and patron.  As he is, to be sure, of the similar East Somerset Railway, the Avon Valley Railway, the South Devon Railway Trust, the Swindon & Cricklade Railway….  Let’s be honest, the man’s a complete and utter anorak. 


Kennet and Avon Canal, Wilts and Somerset: Another of Harry’s enthusiasms.  Particularly the stretch between Potter’s Lock and Little Bedwyn Lock. 


A. Paniccia & Son, Frome, Somerset:  Ice-cream men.  They deliver on rounds throughout West Wilts.  Harry’s and Draco’s sprogs regard them as far greater Wizards than are their boring parents.


John Prescott, MP: An appalling man who dared slate Spinner’s End for demolition-and-‘improvement’ and was hexed by Severus Snape for his temerity.


Sir Jos Wm Bazalgette: Old Slytherin, although a Light and pro-Muggle one.  Passed as a Muggle.  One of the greatest civil engineers of the Victorian Age, itself very much the Age of the Engineer, and the only Wizard of the noted Victorian engineers.  Under cover of the great project to give London its modern sewerage system, he oversaw the reconstruction of the Wizarding Docklands in the subterranean Fleet Basin (site of the Isle of Crups).


Mrs William Heelis (Helen Beatrix Potter), of Sawrey, Lancs: A connexion of Harry’s.  Wrote children’s books.


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