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The boycott, from SUP to nuts. - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
The boycott, from SUP to nuts.

There are times when one despairs, watching the Death of Reason in this world. 


Celebrated and likeable young actors – having had the rudiments of a public school education supplanted by the swindle of private tutors on a film set – embarrass themselves by proving less familiar with the English language than is the current American president.


Self-proclaimed feminist critics make a hash of discussing fanfiction, and, in passing, blandly assert that sexual orientation and identity is a choice.


And now the reaction sets in as regards tomorrow’s LJ boycott.


Let us be clear.  Tomorrow is not a ‘strike’: it cannot be, it isn’t meant to be, and if it were, I’d not be interested in it.  Tomorrow is a boycott.


A strike – a withdrawal of labour until demands are met – would be difficult enough to effect in the relation of writer to publisher, offline.  The writer is in effect an independent contractor, and it’s as silly to speak of his striking against his publisher (hullo, Paul) as it would be to speak of his being on strike were he to have a quarrel with his agent (hullo, Charlotte) or with his editor (what ho, Duncan) at the publisher’s.


But a boycott is another matter entirely.


What I have seen in the past few days is a rather self-conscious – and sneering – posturing as ‘contrarian’, in which some members profess to Understand Capitalism Rather Better Than the Strikers Must Do, Darling, As Clearly THEY Have Never Worked in Their Pixel-Stained LIVES.  This has also involved the incessant parroting of the assertion, ‘LJ is a company.  If you don’t like its product or service, don’t shop here.  They owe you people NOTHING!  NOTHING, DO YOU HEAR ME?  NOTHING!


Well.  Being a High Tory with an abiding understanding of capitalism, I must demur to the puerile posturing of these would-be contrarians.


Let us assume that you also were shortly to head to Dubai for the World Cup (that’s flat racing, you lot).  Let us assume that you were to stay at the Burj.  Let us further assume that the impossible were to happen (and I do mean impossible: my apologies to Ulrike Baumann and staff for even imagining this – hullo, Riki!), and the Burj lost your reservation. 


Naturally, you could, indeed, take the tack that you will no longer give your custom to the entire Jumeirah enterprise.  But this does not address, much less resolve, the issue, which is that you had a reservation, damn it all.  You’re not a waiter in the blasted hotel, so it’s not a striking matter; you are, rather, or were to have been, a purchaser of services.


In short, you had a contract.


So do many of us at LJ: paid, and, particularly, permanent account holders, in the latter of which category you may count me.  And whether or not LJ owes other sorts of customer anything in the way of duty, they damned well owe duties to those with whom they have contractual obligations.  And just as you would perhaps rally your acquaintance not to give their custom to a hotel that made a habit of losing your reservation, there is nothing naïve nor uncomprehending of true capitalism in proposing and participating in a boycott of a corporation whose attitude towards the other parties to its contracts is as shabby and contemptible as that of the newly-SUPed-up LJ.


Thus, to those who believe that they will show themselves the cleverer and more superior by not boycotting, or, as not a few have blustered, by making a point of spamming on Friday, I can say only this: sod off, you ignorant, half-witted, Lower Sixth wankers, and leave off pretending you know what you’re talking about.  You’ve the economic comprehension of Alistair Darling, the charm of Gordon Brown, the superiority of John Prescott, the brains of Hazel Chipmunk Blears, and all the least prepossessing qualities of … Balls.

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serriadh From: serriadh Date: March 20th, 2008 08:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for this.
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