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Replacing 891 years with 42 days. - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Replacing 891 years with 42 days.

For many ideals and institutions, 891 years is a good long innings.  That is not true of habeas corpus, the rights of the subjects of the Crown, and the Great Charter as a whole.


This has been a contemptible week.  The Israeli ambassador to the Court of St James’s has told a few home truths about the filthy anti-Semitism infecting the UK, and has been barracked for it in terms and by people who thereby prove his point.


This has been a contemptible week.  The most contemptible government since Neville Chamberlain’s, the most corrupt and jobbing government since the Reform Acts, have sold the liberties of the realm for party political advantage, and done so by open bribery.  It is not sufficient that they be hurled from office; they deserve far worse fates than that.  And the first of them to utter another word concerning rendition flights or Guantanamo?  I can hardly bear to speak of this base and contemptible rabble.


This has been a contemptible week.  As the show-trial of Mark Steyn has demonstrated, it is not only in the United Kingdom, but in HM other realms and territories beyond the seas as well, that liberty is being throttled by petty tyrants.  Canada as well as the UK is edging ever closer to the level of a Zimbabwe or a Burma.


This has been a contemptible week.  Today can change that, or make it yet viler.  Ireland alone now stands between liberty and the incipient tyranny of the metastasising EU and its inherent rejection of freedom.


Therefore, two cheers for David Davis; one for Nick Clegg, whatever his motives; and God save Ireland.

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fpb From: fpb Date: June 12th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
WEmyss, I have to tell you to your face that you are wrong. Sorry and all, but you are.
The hysteria about the extra two weeks' detention, like the parallel phenomenon about identity cards, seems simply ridiculous to me (as well as, according to poll after poll, to the vast majority of your fellow Britons). I have an identity card, as I have had since I was fifteen (and that was long ago), and that does not make me feel in the least oppressed. It is really a very useful document, avoiding the need to have more expensive and specialist documents such as a passport (which I don't need) or a driving licence (which I don't have) to prove my identity in legal-type situations - which can happen at any time. As for the length of preventive detention once a charge has been laid against a citizen in my country, it can last for months (it is different according to the crime suspected), and can be compulsory in the case of violent crimes with serious evidence against the suspect or in the case of danger that the suspect will pollute the evidence. Guess why? Because in Italy the police and judiciary have to deal with crime they have to take seriously. No hand-wringing about letting fifteen-year-old thugs with fifty cautions on their record free on the stret again: our enemies are mafia and camorra bosses with their armies of murderers and their bottomless pits of illegal money. Joe Citizen wants the police to be able to put obvious murderers away when they commit their crime, not at the end of a long process of trial and appeal that only enriches lawyers. Of cours there are abuses; of course there is legal protection against the persecution of innocent people. All these are legal problems. But to jail a mafia "soldier", let alone a boss, before they start exercising their vicious power to pervert the evidence and control the trial, is no more than common sense; and, incidentally, defence of the freedom of the average citizen, who is the one whom crime most threatens.

Now, one thing you may not know is that, down the decades, England's protective laws and free-and-easy attitude to banking have made it a real paradise for the Mafia. There is a reason why the most notorious unsolved (so to speak, everyone knows who did it) Mafia crime of recent times - the murder of the banker Calvi, guilty of mislaying Mafia money - took place in London; although as a rule the Mafia takes care not to make trouble for itself in London, because one does not piss in the soup. Mountains of Mafia money have been recycled in the welcoming and efficient climate of modern British banking, and the Mafia positively does not want any silly problems with cops to get in the way of its main business, which is other people's money. (Any idea why they get on so well with bankers?)

And now the British police forces, which barely can deal with underage thugs with sharpened kitchen knives, have to deal with international Muslim terrorism. They cannot ignore it as they routinely ignore the Sicilian and Neapolitan businessmen who make improbably large deposits in London banks, because unlike people who kill only at home, these criminals are not just willing but eager to murder Britons. It is, after all, part of their mission statement "terrorize the Kuffar". They have to investigate connections and journeys to such police-unfriendly places as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen. And when they whine (never loud enough for the media to hear them, for otherwise the media, who do not believe that there is any Muslim threat, but are firmly convinced that The Man is the enemy and you have to stick it to 'im any time you can as a matter of civic duty, would slaughter them on page one) when, I say, the police dare to whine for a few desperately needed extra days to keep suspected prospective mass murderers off the street - then, to have people like you, of all people, fall for the soft-left superstitions seems to me really too much. Do you want to fight terrorism, or do you want to keep your ideological virginity unstained?
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