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(T)wittering: the Friday update - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
(T)wittering: the Friday update
I do wish people wd read, say, http://econlog.econlib.org/ before banging on abt economics. Gordon, firstly.
Herd of neddish stirks loitering in Kirkintilloch (six letters), swilling Buckie. Anyone may solve.
Ahhhhh. Port, pippins, and Stilton cheese-straws. Who would feed more heavily?
If govt bodies must take a flutter, why not a Canadian at Cheltenham rather than Icelandic banks?
Oh, dear. The usual dilemma. Keemun or gunpowder today?
Local Halifax was recently raided by tall bloke brandishing axe in approved Viking manner. Waiting for Gordon Brrrrrroun to blame Iceland.
Well, that's done and dusted. Bird tables set for seasonal needs. MY feathered friends are set for a fortnight now.
God bless the Baker's Daughter and her cert. in the Higher Nosh, but was it really necessary to tart up ham in this way?
Ten days now to Feed the Birds day. What was it Betjeman said abt the RSPB running the country?
Yes, indeed, you jammy sods.  Now you can follow the incredibly boring hours with your very own WemyssTwitterings, at http://twitter.com/GMWWemyss.  Do try to control your joy.

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