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Bugger; or, 'Not since the Trojans said, "Look! A horsie!"....' - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Bugger; or, 'Not since the Trojans said, "Look! A horsie!"....'


ETA (2:18 5 November 2008):  Enough, all of you.  I have come back to this after very little sleep and a morning’s labours.  Substantive responses to comments will follow in due course.  But I cannot delay in saying of the comments, again, Enough, all of you.  If you wish to gloat, sneer, snarl, taunt, preen, protest, sledge, barrack, or otherwise act like hooligans at a match, direct all of it towards me or towards Mr Obama, Mr McCain, Mr Bush, or other public figures who are eo ipso fair game even for the angriest ad hominem accusations.  Not towards one another, not in my comments page on my post, here or hereafter.  I trust I am abundantly clear?

SECOND ETA (3:30 5 November 2008): Right, this is simply not on.  See preceding ETA.  Look, it’s Bonfire Night, it’s the week of Warminster Festival, I’ve beasts to look at for possible purchase and possibly some bull semen to contract for.  I shall be freezing current comment threads and turning off comments until I’ve the time and inclination to sort out the buggeration: I’m left with no choice but to do.  This is not a step I take lightly, but for the first time yet, I must.



Well, I was, obviously, wrong.  Why this was so, we may analyse in due course.


Ad interim, as I am not and was not and should never be standing for election, it is not – wait for it – incumbent upon me to be gracious in concession.  It is my considered belief that a bare plurality – if that – of Americans, under circumstances that will also want later examination, have made an all but fatal mistake.  America is too resilient for me to pronounce, finis Americæ; but Nato is now a dead letter, the world is an infinitely more dangerous and will soon be a less free place, and, were I a resident of the Baltic states, any former Soviet captive nation, or indeed a citizen of any of the former Warsaw Pact nations not already included in Mr Putin’s concept of the Near Abroad, I should be packing tonight and queuing for an exit visa.


As for the test and challenge predicted, by Mr Biden, to be thrown at Mr Obama early on, and the clear signal in Mr Biden’s remarks and the whole cast of Mr Obama’s way of thinking, I rather suspect we all know what that will be, and that, as Mr Biden promised, Mr Obama will respond in a way that neither America nor the world will credit until they have seen it and he demands that they wear it.  It will then of course be far too late for his disciples and worshippers, both at home and those who so appallingly cheered him from the foreign touchline, to do anything save to suffer it.  Only a settled religious belief in the special destiny of the nation and people whom I fully expect Mr Obama to abandon in a fashion that would have staggered Neville Chamberlain, could lead anyone to believe that the State of Israel, that canary in the mine, is not now facing the greatest existential threat to her existence since, not 1968, but rather 1948.


I shall have other priorities, naturally, in the next two years (two, obviously, because I fully expect this hapless sod so to bugger things up by then as to create a Republican super-majority in the next Congress).  But do be aware that even as my purportedly open-minded and oh-so-tolerant friends continue to drop me, I shall, when I feel it proper or for that matter whenever I am bloody moved to do so, continue to blaspheme against The One, your Light-Worker Messiah, who, in office or out of it, I continue to regard as a contemptible and petty man with vicious and vacuous policies and principles (or an utter lack thereof) that would sicken a soap-boiler.


I wish you joy of your choice.  When he cocks things up, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I shan’t be laughing of course, and nor will you: it will be far too tragic for that.


And so – turning from Kipling to Pepys – to bed.


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