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Not with a bang, but not precisely with a whimper, either, really.... - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Not with a bang, but not precisely with a whimper, either, really....

As it happens, I shan't be submitting to Big Bang Deux. The fic wants to be more than a Seventh-Year fic. In fact, it insists upon being the sequel to GIGH. Who am I to deny it its freedom?

So. Although it will be BB-ish in character in some ways, it simply doesn't meet the criteria, and I shan't put it up for BB2 consideration. I am, rather, tearing it to bits and merging it with the other portions of the sequel.

Do not feel, please, that I regret this. Realising what the new fic was determined to be when set free was as liberating for me as for the Muse (not least in removing any guilt attendant upon preferring the Boxing Day meet - fortunately, the wild and wooly Southwest did not get the appalling weather that hunts in the East got - to more editing and polishing). Besides, this means that you'll all get to see it a damned sight earlier. Certainly, there was much that was appealing abt possibly being in such distinguished company, having Fine Art to illustrate the fic, and following in the footsteps of, say, the immortal ella_bane, but I'm quite as chuffed to be able to start putting up fragments for early viewing at the GIGH Group Site, and to know that I'll be posting the whole boiling quite soon.

Now to get back to all the lovely and kind comments that I've left hanging in the past week or so, during the final sprint.

Oh. And a vy happy new year to you all. Don't neglect the Symondsbury Mummers if you happen to be down Dorset way; the starlings shd be massing aerobatically in the Somerset Levels (Shapwick Heath, for choice); the Blessing of the Ploughs will be on Twelfth Night at Curry Mallet if you shd been in the Summer Country; and on the 17th, Old Twelfth Night, you'll want to go wassailing the orchards anywhere in the Scrumpy Belt.

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magic_at_mungos From: magic_at_mungos Date: December 31st, 2005 05:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hurrah for more GIGH and it sounds you had a CHristmas. I hope 2006 doesn't disappoint :)

dolorous_ett From: dolorous_ett Date: December 31st, 2005 07:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Have a lovely, creative New Year! Good luck in all artistic endeavours.

(and if I encounter a Mummer I promise not to neglect him)
wren_chan From: wren_chan Date: December 31st, 2005 10:53 pm (UTC) (Link)

I wonder if this shall be too big?

In their hearts, Harry and Draco knew beyond reason that Ginny’s reasons were sound.


Drat you, Wemyss; you make even Snape fascinating, and the words sing as ever...

And, goddesses and gods! Harry's musings on what is right, and what is easy, and what is neither...

And the litany of their houses is a welcome lightener to the rather empathically cruel matter of Petunia...

I am engaged, my dear Mr Potter, my dear, dear Harry (I may call you Harry, mayn’t I?), in a great, cleansing work, that is all.’
*shivers* *sighs* A good attempt at urbane, Tom, but you'll never quite manage it, will you? But then, I never thought of Hannibal Lecter as all that urbane, either. Creepy, yes, very definitely creepy, both of you--but not elegant, only an actor. Nicely done, Wemyss.

*grins* And, you know, Chinese is just tasty anyway. *goes back to eating lasange with her chopsticks*

Oh help! The Won-Wons!

‘Introduce you to my tailor. You’ve earned it.’

‘Potter –’

*purrs and savours all the lovely bits she's been shown already*

‘If you’d hexed Blunkett with it, or Peter Bloody Mandelson, I’d buy you the damned suit as well.’

I don't quite get the particulars of this, as ever, but it's delightful all the same; so you've an amused Yank, if still a clueless one.

*saves this, and pauses to have her daily bike ride*
wren_chan From: wren_chan Date: December 31st, 2005 10:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: I wonder if this shall be too big?

*which is unneccessarily dramatic, and involves misjudging the curb while dodging someone's idiot little dog without a lead and sliding fifty feet on her right side on pavement, shoulder first, resulting in quite a lot of road rash, some of it in mysterious places, and a badly bruised shoulder*

*sniffles a lot*


*refreshes herself with this*
Harry, despite the worst the Dursleys had done to him, was, after all, the Potter scion, and fell naturally into – sank into, with relief, as a man sinks into bed after a hard day – his heritage, his ancestral role a private, country gentleman, and the more private and rural, the better.

And Hermione's rant on Lucius! *.*

‘Thirty years?’ Harry affected a look of deep gravity. ‘They ought really not to have taken an infant to funerals, that way, you must have been far too young.’

‘Oh, go on with you,’ said Mrs Quintyne, grinning at his gallantry. ‘And poor Yerbury just dead, you did oughtn’t make me to laugh, Mister Harry, really you did oughtn’t to do.’

There were times, Draco reflected, with some envy, when he could cheerfully have throttled his lover. When, in God’s name, had Potter become insinuating and gallant? Didn’t enough people already want to cuddle the bugger and pet him and feed him soup? He noticed, and not for the first time, that he remained ‘Mr Malfoy’ whilst Harry was ‘Harry’ – even here in his own, Malfoy country.

Bloody Potter.

If the bugger weren’t so handsome, sweet, loveable, and good in bed, he’d have half a mind to chuck him.

I do love them so--and the matching guns, the matching guns!

God, those caricatures...

Well, I do suppose I'm common enough, and quite like it, really; but then, I'm a Texan, and a Southern Girl besides, which has its own pomp and foolery-I-mean-circumstance. But I think I'll be a Garden one, anyway. ^^

*grins* I love the wordplay for the Old Hogwarts Gay Men's Choir.

Oh, that was last year,’ said Dean, innocently: ‘you must have been at one of those boffiny AGMs of yours, Draco sang Nanki-Poo and Harry was the Lord High Executioner, it was hilarious, the choreography for “Bow Down” was based on Gred and Forge doing the creep and crawl back when people thought Harry was the Heir of Slytherin, back in second year –’

*giggles madly*

‘The point,’ said Harry, crisply, as Hermione looked at him, and then at her wand, in disbelieving shock, ‘that “lordly vengeance will pursue / All kinds of common people who / Oppose our views / Or boldly choose / To offer us offence”, and you can leave off looking at your wand as if it’s malfunctioned, Hermione, you know damned well I can finite any spell of yours voicelessly and wandlessly. Honestly –’ he grinned at her as he used her pet phrase – ‘you know better than that, Hermione. No: it’s my turn, talking.

Go Harry!

‘I cannot believe,’ Hermione moaned, ‘that the only way to get Wizards to contemplate educational reform is to couch it as a Quidditch-training proposal. No, come to think of it, I can believe it, all too readily, and that’s worse still.’ She paused, and snorted. ‘Mind you, it is funny to think about what the Ofsted or ICS inspectors would make of Hogwarts.’

Sorry, love, it's one of the other Opiates of the Massives--sorry, Masses ^^--to go with the telly, the Wireless, alcohol, self-inflicted demential charms and, well, opiates. ^^

And whilst it all still hurts like mad, I am at least much more cheerful. Thank you, love.
eagles_rock From: eagles_rock Date: January 1st, 2006 01:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad you're happy about not submitting to Big Bang; you would have been a particular ornament there.

I loved the first chapter; the ten lines about Blaise and Justin had me crying.
From: ex_ella_bane358 Date: January 4th, 2006 11:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
You make me blush.

I also didn't submit, for other reasons, but I'm hoping to be finished with my h/d novella by the end of January so I can post in Feb. I look forward to your sequel. I shall read GIGH very soon. ♥
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