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My lords, ladies, gentlemen…

Nashi street-fighters, Putinjugend thugs, spybots, DDOS hackers, Chekisty, and you, of course, Mr Put[a]in (I know you’re listening in, you nekulturniy House-Elf). I am pleased to announce that lambing season is largely at an end, and that, whilst we’re speaking of the whole parturient-et-nascetur business, my own woolly baa-lamb is now beginning to gambol about.

Yes, that’s right. I have begun the great experiment to see whether disintermediation in fact disinters media.  The Confidence of the House: May 1940 is now available for purchase as a paperback book and/or as a download, in effectively all markets. American, Canadian, Australian, British, and Continental readers are front of the queue through the distribution network I have chosen. Again, the work is available as a print-on-demand book and as a download.

In the coming days, the Bapton Books website will be going live (as they say) at www.baptonbooks.co.uk, with word about our coming projects either side the Pond. (Other authors who might wish their back catalogues or new MSS to be part of the grand inquest of the nation – sorry, I was quoting Hansard again, I mean the Brave new World of Disintermediated Media – are more than welcome to let me know.)

Ad interim, may I suggest you buy the book? If you are fond of Churchill, Attlee, Arthur Greenwood, Leo Amery, Duff Cooper, Admiral Keyes, Supermac, Sir Archie Sinclair, Morrison, Milner, Ernie Bevin, Harry Truman across the water, politics, warfare, or history, buy it. If you have ever been diverted by skulduggery, rhetoric, or backroom deals, or thrilled to those days when Britain stood alone, buy it. If you sense something familiar about our own days of Old School Ties, stitch-ups, coalition-making, and the shifting sands of the popular will, buy it. Indeed, if any of my divertimenti that touched upon HP-’verse politics and warfare ever amused you, well, here’s the inspiration: buy it. I do really think that all sorts and conditions of you, Left and Right, home and abroad, will find something in it worth your while.

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