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The fourth plinth 5a - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
The fourth plinth 5a
Op Sibelius was very firmly under way indeed.
‘There exist,’ said Tony, ‘collectors – very few – who acquire artefacts and objects illicitly, and who cannot therefore display them or sell them, because the provenance is not established. This is precisely the same thing as the associational value of, say, spawn from Neville’s toad. Yet these same collectors, for their own miserly, gloating satisfaction, must be themselves assured of the provenance of their acquisitions. Any hoard from the underlying cursus or henge where the Plinth now stands could not have that provenance.
‘Yet as raw metal and as jewels alone, they remain valuable to an extraordinary degree.’
‘Or should do if –’
‘Yes, Harry: if, as we are agreed, part of the Plinth hoard paid, and the rest made, the Melling statue and column. The magical signature and the alchemical suitability of the materials is unmistakeable.’
‘That,’ said Blaise, ‘could buy a good deal of influence; bribe Members, or, if not that, the ICW; create and support separatist groups….’
Harry’s face had untwisted from his reflexive snarl, the one that always attended a mention of the ICW and its attempts to meddle in the affairs of the realm. As bad as that Muggle lot in Brussels, he maintained. ‘Or they could simply be in it for the mun.’
Ron was outraged. ‘They’d kill people, and commit treason in Denmark and acts of war here, just for a wodge of Galleons?’
‘And why for would they not?’ Seamus shook his head over the folly of Wizardkind. ‘And what’s the IRA now but the Paddy Mafia? Runnin’ rackets and all sorts. It was Stalin as robbed banks before 1917, and wasn’t it the KGB and the old Party hacks looted Russia after the Wall came down? And we’re no better than the Muggles: the idealists die early, and the jackals folla, and when it’s all over … the last Death Eaters were reduced to a sort of subsistence burglary by what time we’d ran the last of them down, they were.’
‘What,’ asked Hermione severely, ‘causes you to discount the possibility of a political motive?’
‘I don’t,’ said Harry. ‘No one ever has but one motive for any act. They may have plans for the money when they have it – were they to get it. Kidnapping the joint UK-Goblin emissary to the Hanse, however, is a commercial notion: in light of the Goblins’ curious notions of ownership, removing an artefact to melt it down means having the Goblins after you, unless you’ve distracted them. Viktor has established these bastards work in cells. I think it’d come as a shock to those holding Cho to know that their governor intends to sacrifice them.’
‘And who –’
Op Sibelius was very firmly under way upon the Continent as at home.
The House Elves, undetected, had brought many things to the captives. Only Cho, who was not a Squib, as was, alas, Professor Bramwell-Pyke, nor a Muggle like his wife and his captive children, had been brought a wand.
She set to work with a will.
Op Sibelius was gathering momentum.
‘Yes, Kreacher?’
‘Elves is helping the captives, Master. And they is telling Elves things. Where they is held.’
Op Sibelius was forging forward now.
‘We go in,’ said Viktor Krum sternly, ‘when Cho signals us, not before. Elves will take us. Goblins will follow. Gregory will call for help; we will capture, not kill, that help, and bring them here, and interrogate them. This is understood, yes?’
Op Sibelius was assuredly on.
‘The Ertholmene archipelago is administered by the Muggle Danish MoD. Græsholm is a reserve for their equivalent to the RSPB.’
‘And, Harry?’
‘Kingsley, you’ll want to alert the Danish minister.’
‘Of course. If that’s where our hostages have been kept –’
‘– there’s treason in the Danish Ministry: something rotten, yes, don’t say it.’
Ærke-Auror Bjørnson?’
‘Not a chance. He’s Acting Chief of Defence Staff (Wizarding) because his senior, the actual Troldmand-Forsvarschefen, is on Christmas leave. Or so it’s said. Interesting Witch, Ærke-Auror Gyde-Birgit Koldings. Like Kingsley, tough as nails. Like Kingsley, known for liaison work with the Muggles.’
‘Ah.’ Draco’s mouth was set in a grim line.
‘Unlike Kingsley, ambitious, and intent upon actually becoming Minister by choice. And, interestingly enough, possesses relatives upon her father’s side who were mighty in Bornholm when it was ruled by Hanseatic Lübeck, and, upon her mother’s, who were Swedes – from Finland when that unhappy country was ruled by Sweden, before being equally unhappily seized by the Tsar.’
Tony stood and walked over to a potted plant so that he could, when required, spit politely. ‘I had thought that that business Teddy put up about the Finnish bear-cult and its Asian equivalents had addressed the syncretism of the other side, like the “honorary Aryan” nonsense bestowed upon the Japanese and others by Grindelwald’s puppet, the modern Haman, cursèd be he.’ He spat, discreetly.
‘Teddy is what comes of putting a born Slytherin into Ravenclaw House. It was an elegant way of giving us the office as to his suspicions.
‘Well. We know what and who we are facing, and when. Our teams on the Continent, with Viktor, will move before dawn. I suggest we all get some sleep.’
Op Sibelius was moving inexorably forward now.
Cho had conjured a lake in the midst of her cell. Her Patronus she should conjure when she heard Goyle’s footsteps, bearing breakfast. She slept comfortably upon the island in the midst of the conjured lake, Elves keeping watch over her.
Before Harry slept, he endured the inevitable: a wigging from Draco that he knew himself to deserve.
‘… a complete and utter shit, Potter. I married the job when I married the man, but you’re not the man I married. How dare you treat Kingsley, and Ron and Hermione, and our sons, and Nev, in this fashion? I know you resent being called everlastingly into harness; that’s no excuse.’
‘I’d happily quit if anybody –’
‘Shut. UP. Not a word, Potter. Kingsley’s far more tired of being Minister than you are of being CMGS. He’s Minister because there aren’t quite enough fools in Wizardom to vote in the other lot with a majority, and because he’s the only Wizard his party – your party as well, did you but admit it – and the public trust … and who’s willing to stand and to lead the party. Peakes, Pritchard, the younger Abercrombie, Ron, and a score of others are overdue to be CMGS: or do you think that only the Golden Boy, the Chosen One, can suffice to that appointment? You’re not called upon because there’s no one else, you’re brought in because you’ve been blocking everyone else from rising to the top – which is an insult to Ron, and why he doesn’t despise you I don’t know, after all your talk about loyalty. Well, it flows both ways. You’ll not retire because then Kingsley might retire, which he’ll do only when he knows you’ll succeed him and carry on. Is it self-indulgence or cowardice, Potter, that’s behind your obstinate refusal to your damned duty?
‘And it’s made you intolerable. Get yourself sorted, you selfish prick, immediately this is over. And I’ll be sleeping in another suite until you do.’

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sgt_majorette From: sgt_majorette Date: October 17th, 2011 05:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

I *Like* This Draco!

"Get yourself sorted, you selfish prick, immediately this is over. And I'll be sleeping in another suite until you do."
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 17th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

As do I.

Thank you.
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