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Amnesty in force - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Amnesty in force
Actually, it always is. As noted before, I like my friends, that being why they are my friends. We often disagree; that oughtn’t to matter, although it does, I think, to them.
I’ve friends who are social conservatives, libertarians, and Swampy Leftists. Which I quite like.
However, I realise that matters are so envenomed these days – Europe, the Budget, the lot – that we might as well be in General Election mode.
So: to new friends and old: woolly Lefties. LibDems, Red Tories, social conservatives, Socialists, persons whose views of economics derive from Marx, persons whose views of economics derive from Belloc, Tory grandees, Wets, Heathites, and fellow Thatcherites alike: a few points.
I am, actually, and by diligent effort, much nicer here than in person, difficult as that may be to believe.
I regard intellectual debate on important issues as a contact sport.
I go to great lengths to conceal the whole of my opinion (which is red in tooth and claw) of the views of those with whom I disagree. You’d be surprised how often that’s necessary, what a struggle it is, and how rarely I let anything slip at all.
I rather resent, and do all that I can to dissimulate the fact, the way in which fandom has a hive-mind in which Agreed Views are welcome and regarded as axiomatic – and any dissent is regarded as impertinent, and is resisted.
I don’t share those Received Opinions and Agreed Views.
I commonly don’t bother to say so. I refuse to be silenced when I do choose to say so.
Even at the cost of friendships, which I don’t really foresee, as most of my friends are better than that.
Nevertheless, those here for the fic and the humour may be assured that I never lock anything. It is obliging but unnecessary to friend me simply to access my posts.
I almost always friend back, unless you appear to be a spammer or a bot. I almost never defriend, even those who have defriended me. I have, as noted, what amounts to a permanent amnesty in force. (Then again, neither Ed Balls nor Geoffrey Boycott is on LJ, so far as I know. Or that malignant dwarf, Bercow.)
It is quite likely that, in the current state of world affairs, I shall say things you don’t like, and shall say so more frequently than you’re accustomed to my doing.
It is quite likely that I shan’t, just now, refrain as often as commonly from saying things you don’t like, although I do try to keep the worst of it to my dedicated politics-and-economics journal.
With those points in mind, and recognising that I shan’t bear any grudges (and unlike David Heath-Cameron w/r/t the 1922 Committee, I actually mean that), use your own judgement and know that however we disagree, you should never have been on my friends-list did I not like you, as I shall continue to do even should you leave it.

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From: tree_and_leaf Date: October 27th, 2011 04:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
My dear wemyss, it would be useless to pretend that we don't disagree on quite a lot - but I would be dreadfully sorry not to have you on my flist.
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 27th, 2011 04:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

Oh, my dear.

I thought it massively unlikely in yr case that you'd withdraw yr countenance from me. (And am rejoiced to have been right in that.)
sgt_majorette From: sgt_majorette Date: October 27th, 2011 04:47 pm (UTC) (Link)


Are you about to post something outrageous?
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 27th, 2011 04:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

As opposed to something fantabulosa?

Quite likely not, save insofar as there are those who consider all my views outrageous.
lazy_neutrino From: lazy_neutrino Date: October 27th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thought-provoking post. I suspect we'd disagree on a fair few things (and agree on a surprisingly large number of other things) but part of the fun of life is reading dissenting views.
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 27th, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC) (Link)

Oh, quite.

Sometimes, however, people are disconcerted when they find that what they thought an intellectual cricket match has become the wall game. They think it not quite (wait for it) cricket.

I knew I cd count on the maturity of my friends; I merely thought a (renewed) warning timely.
goddessriss From: goddessriss Date: October 27th, 2011 07:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hello, you

I do love it when you're masterful ;-)

I'm not around much at the moment, but I do always enjoy reading your opinions on the issues of the day/month/whatever, even on the odd occasions we disagree. When we disagree - alas, I'm generally far too idle to say so (which is also probably why I, too, am far nicer on here than in RL). Keep up the good work!
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 27th, 2011 07:11 pm (UTC) (Link)


Why couldn't you have been an available lad, damn it all....

Actually, what I know my problem to be is that I've a lordly, if not indeed ducal, arrogance - quite unjustifiably, no doubt - and a positively parliamentary genius for invective. I must borrow some of yr alleged idleness.

Thank you, truly.
goddessriss From: goddessriss Date: October 27th, 2011 08:09 pm (UTC) (Link)


Yes, curse my incorrect plumbing, ample chest and my inconvenient possession of a husband! Maybe in our next lives...

You know, I've never once thought you arrogant. I like that you aren't afraid to voice your opinions. Also like that you are well mannered - manners seem to be in sadly short supply nowadays, tho' I am a stickler for them when it comes to my two boys.
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 27th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Are husbands. I wonder, ever convenient, really?

Or am I listening to too many Marie Lloyd songs?

I'm obliged that you think I've manners. I've always rather feared I combine the qualities of Wellington and Peel in having neither small talk nor manners. Yet one must try. A parliamentary approach is best: incredible, savage rudeness within formal constraints....
goddessriss From: goddessriss Date: October 27th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC) (Link)

Well, they do have their uses...

...tho' I've only ever had the one (albeit for 15 years), so my experience of husbands is somewhat limited.

Manners maketh the man indeed.
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 27th, 2011 08:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

Oh, the uses are obvious....

(God, now I'm doing a Max Miller turn.)
From: 17catherines Date: October 28th, 2011 12:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Frankly, I value the opportunity to read intelligent opinions that are entirely different from mine. If nothing else, it requires me to test my opinions and justify them, at least to myself. There's something about intellectual honesty which I need to tease out here, but since I'm supposed to be working, now is probably not the time.

I'm not fond of arguing on points where I feel strongly - too much potential for hurt on all sides, and that's something I avoid - but I don't want to live in an echo chamber, either.

Stay well.


wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 28th, 2011 12:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

Amicus Plato, sed magis amica Veritas.

And All That. Quite.
From: 17catherines Date: October 29th, 2011 12:19 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Amicus Plato, sed magis amica Veritas.

That's the aim, certainly.
From: 17catherines Date: October 29th, 2011 12:23 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Amicus Plato, sed magis amica Veritas.

And speaking of the convenience of husbands, mine is quite handy for translating Latin, which I can guess at competently based on French and Italian and Caecilius est in villa, but which he actually studied all the way to Year 12...
(Deleted comment)
wemyss From: wemyss Date: October 28th, 2011 12:34 pm (UTC) (Link)

Piffle. I yield to no one in my ability to annoy.

And fandom opinions are the least of it.
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