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Answers and shocking misses. - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Answers and shocking misses.
Right, then, I think that was enough of a chance.
And now to the answers in the Inevitably Rather Gay Playlist.
  1. I’m a stranger to this country, from _____ I came. NOT GUESSED.
  2. There is unrest in the forest: Rush, Trees, as per pennynovelette.
  3. When we’re out there dancin’ on the floor, darling… NOT GUESSED.
  4. I’m gonna buy a _________ that I can call my own: The Mills Bros, Paper Doll, as per penny, above.
  5. Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts;
    shut not thy merciful ears unto our pray’rs;
    but spare us, Lord most holy, O God most mighty. Purcell, Thou knowest, Funeral for Queen Mary, in my list as sung by King’s, all as per aseneth.
  6. I can hit the sweet spot, hit it o so fine. Brammers left it vague, Femme specified (and T&L twigged, I know): Sweet Spot, Duckworth Lewis Method.
  7. I’m a wind-up toy in a knock-down world. NOT GUESSED.
  8. _________________ and Nathan the Prophet…. Handel, Zadok the priest, Choir of King’s Tabs-Are-Us, as (first) by aseneth.
  9. Fàilte gu fearann air balaich an iasgaich / Iomradh is tarruing is gearradh a’ bhiathaidh. NOT GUESSED.
  10. Des yeuxs qui font…. As per aseneth first, the Little Sparrow Piaf (and her version, not Satchmo’s), La vie en rose.
  11. Hullo. Good morning. We’re tossing a coin to begin. Brammers left it vague and Tree filled it in: The Coin Toss, DLM.
  12. Ol’ rockin’ chair’s got me…. Penny called it, Rocking Chair (Blues),  in this performance by the Mills Bros w Satchmo.
  13. Teenage dreams in a teenage circus. Trust Our Femme to spot Mika’s We are Golden.
  14. And did those feet in ancient time. Serriadh was first off the mark: Jerusalem, Parry, in this case again King’s.
  15. Got a wife; got a family / Earn my living with my hands. NOT GUESSED.
  16. O sleep in peace, you valleys and hills. Aseneth first: the Tannahill Weavers indeed, Land of light.
  17. (_______________? twice) I thought love was everything, I believed in all the good things it would bring. NOT GUESSED.
  18. Sometime, I wonder, just what I’m prayin’ for…. NOT GUESSED.
  19. On a sunny summer’s day, we’ll enjoy a full day’s play. Again, Brammers left it vague and T&L gets the point: DLM’s Mason on the Boundary.
  20. You ever had a day like I had today,
    when things are stacked up bad? NOT GUESSED.
  21. And the men who hold high places
    Must be the ones who start. As per blueboyfey first and ringbark after, Rush, Closer to the heart.
  22. So you think your schooling’s phoney
    I guess it’s hard not to agree;
    You say it all depends on money
    And who is in your family tree…. As serriadh says, Supertramp, Bloody well right.
  23. O, chì, chì mi na mòr-bheanna…. Serriadh largely, Tara after, trad., I see the great mountains. Mac Talla Mòr.
  24. Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain
    With the rain in _____________. The Sar’-Majorette clearly knew, and Femme answered in form: Shambala, Three Dog Night.
  25. 5,000 light years from _______________ / And I’m still preachin’ the rhythm. NOT GUESSED.
I am appalled that, especially w/r/t the number of Americans and Scots on my list, no one got the missed ones. They are, of course, 1, The American Stranger, Tannahill Weavers; 3, Mighty Real, Sylvester; 7, Toy Boy, Mika; 9, Balaich an Iasgaich, Bodega; 15, Birmingham, Randy Newman; 17, How Can This Be Love (If It Makes Us Cry)?, Andrew Gold; 18, There Must be a Better Way, Dr John & BB King; 20, Dogs in the Midwinter, Jethro Tull; and – and here I really am shocked – 25 is, for the love of God, Birdland (in this instance the vocalese version, Manhattan Transfer).

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