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The business of the House - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
The business of the House
I apologise to those of my friends with whom I had hoped – before events intervened – to ‘catch up’, socially; and until I do, I must take this moment to express a general thanksgiving, as it were, to those to whom I owe comments and who have been so kind. Nor is this the juncture at which I may best express my extreme disappointment in and disapprobation of many people whose talents I continue to admire but for whom my affection has been diminished in conjunction with, although not nearly to the extent of, the erosion of my respect: a matter I shall address in due course.

I do however wish to point out that leader writers, Opposition MPs, and others who ought really to know better, are selling many people a dummy when they criticise HMG for recalling Parliament on 10 April to mark the death of Lady Thatcher – particularly when they say that It Could Perfectly Well Have Waited Until Monday. This is disingenuous, and they are hoping that the public are either nescient or daft. The nescience at least I can inform. The Lords were and are not to sit next week: the Lords’ Easter Recess this year is from 27 March to 22 April, whereas that of the Commons is 26 March to 15 April. It is a convention of the Commons to adjourn upon the death of any former PM. Naturally, neither House should in any case sit on 17 April, the day of Lady Thatcher’s funeral. This Parliament is to be prorogued rather soon: the State Opening of the new Parliament is to be on 8 May. The Second Reading of the Finance Bill has for some time been on the Order Paper for 15 April. One sees the tactical utility to Opposition Members of costing the Government a day’s business on Monday next, but it is rather an unpalatable exercise in low cunning to make pious noises about deferring the traditional observance of a prime ministerial death to 15 April in order to play hob with the business of the House. There can be no question that the 10 April recall of both Houses, for all that it is solely in the discretion of the Government and not of Mr Speaker and his counterpart in the upper chamber, was undertaken only after consultation through the usual channels and with an eye to the business of the House of Commons. Those who have carefully not mentioned these facts are either unfit for their jobs, or are counting upon public unawareness in order to score factitious points whilst disrupting parliamentary business to their political advantage. It’s really quite shabby, and you all of you now at least have the information which allows you to recognise its shabbiness.

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froganon From: froganon Date: April 19th, 2013 05:04 am (UTC) (Link)

howdy LJ buddy

I've missed your writing.
Excellent point about the political underpinnings of when to have a funeral.

Wishing you the best from across the miles.

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