wemyss (wemyss) wrote,

Some people have excellent taste in birthdays.

I'd been hoping the newest Cambridge might share it, but, alas….

(Oh – and I am not ignoring posts and comments and emails; it's simply – well, you know damned well it's the Ashes, and we've less than a month now to the Glorious Twelfth, so….)

At any rate, a very happy birthday and many happy returns of a well-chosen day to Seneska and to MSP. No idea what to do for the good doctor, but I know how we can make MSP happy. His latest, published by Bapton, is available as

A Kindle edition (UK as well, and wherever you are);
As trade paper (same);
At Kobo;
At Diesel;
At Smashwords;
And through iTunes' iBooks (UK and worldwide as well).

B&N Nook has not yet propagated through their system.
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