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Reader's Guide to GIGH / UADM (which is to say, appalling self-promotion), Part III - Wemyss's Appalling Hobby:
From the Party Guilty of Committing 'Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn'
Reader's Guide to GIGH / UADM (which is to say, appalling self-promotion), Part III


Other things you might wish to know (a very limited sampling from the works):


Domdaniel: the Wizarding university (colleges: Godric, Blaise, Albertus Magnus, Merlin, St Thomas Aquinas, Paracelsus); closed when the Statute of Secrecy was enacted; reopened after the War; shares fabric with Hogwarts.  Paracelsus College is the equivalent to All Souls (Oxon); it continued to elect fellows during the hiatus, thus preserving the Domdaniel corporation.  It is by right of their being Fellows of Paracelsus that Hogwarts masters and mistresses are entitled to be called, ‘Professor’.  Blaise College is famous for its broadcast of Lessons and Carols each Christmas, beginning each year with Once, in royal Merlin’s city, and ending with, Hark, the herald Wizards sing.


MMA: Master of Magical Arts.


D.Mag.: Doctor of Magic; equivalent to a DPhil (Oxon), what the benighted Tabs call a ‘PhD’.


Wizden’s [Quidditchers’s Almanack]: Statistical authority on all matters Quidditching.  Inspired the Muggle cricketing almanac, Wisden’s.  Edited by Ron Weasley.


OM: Post-nominal letters for ‘Order of Merlin’.  Confuses Muggles, who naturally take it to be the post-nominal for the Order of Merit.


GGC: Godric Gryffindor Cross; equivalent to the George Cross.  For valour.  Ron is a recipient.


‘Alembic babies’: in vitro method in Wizarding world.


DNA(m): Magical DNA, a key to Wizarding genetics and to the conception of ‘alembic babies’.


Hambourne-on-Sea (and the Tilly Toke Pavilion): Wizarding seaside resort, Somerset, on the Bristol Channel.


Gordonstoun: Scottish private school (in England, it would be considered a public school in the British-English sense of the term).  Where they send the Squibs.  Also, by arrangement, the current Muggle-worthy answer when a Wizard is asked by a Muggle about the Wizard’s old school.


Cunning Folk; non-jurors: Wizards who rejected the Statute of Secrecy and lived amidst Muggles until the post-War Restoration and Settlement.  Yes, the Sorting Hat does use the term for Slytherins.  There’s a story behind that….


‘I’m Sorry, I’m Not on the Floo’: One of many classic WWN offerings that are assiduously followed by British Wizarding folk.


Herbologists’s Question Time: Perhaps the most popular WWN programme, starring Nev – and Trevor the Toad, who gets more fan-owls.


Q Division: Aurors’s ‘manor’ covering the Docks and some of the Erumpent and Castle area.  Senior Aurors for the division after the War are Eddie Carmichael and Michael Corner; Corner is in fact an Unspeakable.


Sutton Littlecombe and district, including Sutton Mallet, Sutton de la Mere, Sutton Malvey, Sutton Grimsditch, Starveall, Stony Down, Stoney Chalke, and Twatford Mulliner, Wilts: Between the Wylye and the Great Ridge, under Grovely Wood; site of a manor inherited by Harry and Draco through multiple lines of cousinage.  Twatford Mulliner is the site of a watermill that Harry and Draco have made into a working mill for organic, fair-trade wholemeal flour under the name, Tabard Mills.  Starveall – Stony Down, across the river, is the site of a sub-manor house.


Pottrey Court, Hants: Near the Wallops.  A manor inherited by Harry and Draco through multiple lines of cousinage.


Atrum Old Hall, Furvus Bridge, Staffs: The primary Black manor house.  The Dower House is later made into a Wizarding prepper, when the Wizarding educational system is reformed during the Restoration (at the same time the Hogwarts-Domdaniel Choir School was created).


Pottersfield House, Somerset: The Potter caput.


Wyvern House, Devon: One of Harry’s and Draco’s rural retreats, through the Potters.


Harry and Draco: other properties owned, not including Godric’s:

       London town houses in addition to Grimmauld Place: Two, one near Wilton Crescent; the other near Covent Garden.

       Other holdings: Walliston House, near Houston, Renfrewshire; Fording Cottage, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, with fishing; Wester Duncolm Farm, Fife; Cowie House, Montrose, Angus; Doushie House (dubh sidhe) Elgin, Moray; also,

     Plas Rhaeadr, Brecknockshire.


Foreign schools of magic:

In the Americas: the Instituto Real de Brujería para Las Indias y la América, at San Antonio, Texas, USA; the Académie Royale et Épiscopale des Beaux Arts Magiques de la Louisiane, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; the Nieuw Amsterdam en de Vallei van Hudson Academie van Hekserij, New York (Staten Island), New York, USA; Alchemical High School (AHS), Arlington, Virginia, USA; Bowtruckle Forest, Orange County, Virginia, USA;  St Godric’s, in Dallas, Texas, USA; Phillips Exmouth, Exmouth, Massachusetts, USA; Phillips Hamoaze, in Exmoor, Massachusetts, USA; Mobile Magical Country Day, in Mobile, Alabama, USA; and The Country Day School of the Salem Witches’s Institute, Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

Foreign magical universities, for their cooperation:

       in the southern United States, to Jefferson & Rodes University; the Virginia Magical Institute; the Battery (Charleston); Texas Alchemical & Magical University; Twinings University, at Austin, Texas; Tullahoma (the Magical University of the South); the College of Buckingham & James; Overbury College;

       in New England, in America, to Luce University; Swynford University and its sister school, Felton; Somerset College; Exmouth University;

       in California, Fordstones University of Magic;

       in Europe, the Istituto Pontifical degli Studi Arcane e Magici; l’Université de la Sorcellerie de Paris (popularly, ‘the Boursonne’); the Kurfürstliche und Kaiserliche Universität von Magie und von Zauberei (Eberbach); the Königliche und Kaiserliche Rudolfiner-Universität von Zauberei und von Magie von und in Wien (in Josefstadt District, Vienna), whose University Hymn, by Mozart, is especially charming; the Heiliger Römischer Kaiser Rudolf Magisches Institut von und in Hradcany Schloß in Prag; the Akademiya Koldovstva; and the Greek (Hellenic) Academy of Sorcery and Magic in Athens;

       in Oceania, the Warrane - Botany Bay Magical University (Sydney).


CARBB: This, of course, is the CAmpaign for Real ButterBeer).


Harfangs Holiday Camps: Downmarket seaside resorts, owned by Nev’s collaterals; their Muggle equivalent is Butlins.


Cross Wands Pub: Wizarding free house, notable for its Muggle and Wizarding real ales, at Hook-a-Gate, near Shrewsbury, Salop.


The Neph (Nephomantic) Office: Publishes the Apparating Forecast.


Forensic magic: A new post-War discipline, including forensic Herbology, forensic Magizoology, and so on.


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